Screen Printing

Silk-Screen Printing is a printmaking technique involving the use of stencils and a porous fabric to create a sharp-edged image.

The Ink is placed on top of the screen, and a squeegee (rubber blade) is used to push the ink evenly into the screen openings and onto the fabric. The ink passes through the open spaces in the screen onto the paper or fabric below. If more than one color is being printed on the same surface, the ink is allowed to dry and then the process is repeated with another screen and different color of ink.

Screen printing is currently very popular in commercial printing, where it is commonly used to put images on apparel and accessories and it makes it a great choice for your company, school or event. Our pricing is based of number of colours in your design, print location along with color and quantity of items that you need to be screen printed.

Some of the things we print on include:

  1. T-shirts                       • Water bottles / Glassware

  2. Sweatshirts                • Golf balls

  3. Jackets                       • Twill patches

•  Team uniforms           • Hats/ Caps

•  Towels

•  Bags

Other things we print on: Vinyl, Plastics, Metal, Spandex, Neoprene

We have the latest screen-printing equipment and can produce your job for you on time and on budget.


Hacker also offers high quality embroidery on caps, jackets

and athletic uniforms. If you are looking for a professional

appearance, embroidery is the way to go.

Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with designs stitched in strands of thread using a needle. Today is created by using a specialized machine that can read a computerized design to automatically create a stitched design.

Pricing is usually based on size and number of stitches in your design, design location along with colour and quantity of items that you need to be embroidered.

Design Services

Our creative graphic design is dedicated to transfer your idea, drawing on paper or digital image into functional artwork that could be printed onto our wide range of promotional products and accessories. You could view any stage of your artwork development and make any suggestions and comments that would result with perfect design for your promotional and advertising needs.

• Logo design & development

• Brochures & identity materials

• Publications & ads

• CD Packaging design

• Video production

  1. Web design

  2. Kick drum graphics

  3. Backdrops

Rates are $40-$75 per hour or quoted on a project basis.